Statistical Bulletin: Indicator 26 A Respect Index for Northern Ireland (as measured by the Everyday Discrimination Scale)

Date published: 27 February 2020

This statistical bulletin presents data on and facilitates monitoring of a population indicator informing Outcome 7 and Outcome 9 of The Outcomes Delivery Plan:

Statistical news release - OFMDFM

Outcome 7:‘We have a safe community where we respect the law, and each other’

Outcome 9:‘We are a shared, welcoming and confident society that respects diversity’.

The Respect Index is measured using the Everyday Discrimination Scale (EDS) which is a series of nine questions that ask respondents about experiences in their daily lives. The Respect Index considers a respondent feels respected if they answer ‘never’ to all nine questions.

All figures are 2018 unless otherwise stated. Indicators informing the Outcomes Delivery Plan compare most recent data against the baseline year.

Key findings from the bulletin are:

33% of NILT 2018 survey respondents feel respected; this is a significant increase (of five percentage points) when comparing to the 2016 baseline year.

  • 31% of male respondents and 35% of female respondents feel respected.
  • Over one-third of Catholic respondents (35%) and Protestant respondents (34%) said that they felt respected. There are no significant differences between these groups or respondents of ‘other’ religions (29%). 
  • The age group with the lowest proportion feeling respected is 18-24 (20%); the age group with the highest proportion feeling respected is 65+ (47%).

The report is available on the Statistics and Research Branch section of The Executive Office website.

Further information relating to the collection and production of the statistics can be obtained by contacting:

Statistics and Research Branch, The Executive Office
Block 2 | Knockview Buildings | Stormont | Belfast | BT4 3SR

Notes to editors: 

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