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These documents consist of the Savings Delivery Plans 2010/11 Equality Impact Assessments.

Published 19 February 2010Financial plans and reports

Committee Meeting held on the 20 January 2010 in relation to the Executive Review of 2010-11 Spending Plans - OFMDFM Budget adjustments.

Published 19 February 2010Financial plans and reports

This strategy for victims and survivors is designed to provide the outline of a coherent and comprehensive approach for taking forward work on a range of issues relating to victims and survivors.

Published 01 November 2009Policy papers

In 2006 the Office of the First Minister and deputy First Minister published “Getting in on the Act”. This was a user friendly guide to our obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and the UK Human Rights Act.

Published 03 November 2008Legislation and regulations

Impact assessments are a basic component of best practice in policy making, and form a sound basis on which to review existing policy. They are essential tools to employ when considering the effect of a range of different proposals.

Published 15 August 2008Impact assessments

If policy outcomes and public services are to be improved, it is crucial that policy decisions should be based on sound evidence.

Published 05 June 2007Policy papers

In Workbook One we looked at the importance of consultation and the need to develop a consultation plan at the outset of the policy process. It highlighted that consultation should be a continuous process that needs to be started early in the policy.


Published 05 June 2007Policy papers

This workbook aims to work you through the process of developing options, appraising those options and identifying the way forward. This stage of the policy process must take account of the evidence base and the objectives identified for the policy.

Published 05 June 2007Policy papers

Policy making is the process by which the administration translates its vision into actions to achieve desired outcomes. Good policy making is therefore essential if government is to achieve its aims and deliver real change and benefits.

Published 04 June 2007Policy papers

The teachers’ guide which accompanies the Spin Wheel which was issued to all primary-school children in Northern Ireland.

Published 01 May 2007Guidance literature

The Super Six comics consist of characters that were inspired by the outcomes of the ten year strategy for children and young people which was launched in 2006.

Published 05 April 2007Promotional material

This proforma will help you to articulate any human rights issues in the policy/proposal that you are working on.

Published 30 October 2006Forms

Human rights are those rights and freedoms to live, to act and to think which we should all have, and which no-one should be able to arbitrarily interfere with.

Published 19 September 2006Legislation and regulations

The Convention Rights 

Published 10 August 2006Promotional material

This strategy establishes a framework to tackle racial inequalities in Northern Ireland and to open up opportunity for all. To eradicate racism and hate crime and together with A Shared Future, to initiate actions to promote good race relations.

Published 01 July 2005Policy papers

Joint Flags Protocol 2005

The display of flags, in the Northern Ireland context, is an emotive issue, which has existed for some time.  Flags may be used for many purposes which can include:

Published 31 March 2005Consultation reports

Good community relations policy, and its outworking, is the search for the practical foundations of trust between all people in Northern Ireland who have been divided on the basis of perceived political, cultural, religious, class or ethnic background.

Published 01 March 2005Policy papers

The Review of the Offices of the Assembly Ombudsman for Northern Ireland and the Commissioner for Complaints was completed on 30 April 2004. Please see the final report documents attached.

Published 30 April 2004Corporate reports

These documents are in relation to the Race Relations Order and Race Directive including relevant Equality Impact Assessment and Regulatory Impact Assessments.

Published 01 March 2003Policy papers

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