Programme for Government and Budget

While it will be for an incoming Executive to set out its priorities, the former Executive had agreed to develop a Programme for Government (PfG) focused on achieving outcomes of societal wellbeing.

The draft Programme subsequently prepared by the Executive was consulted on extensively during 2016. At its centre was a framework of outcomes designed to target those things that will make real improvements to people’s quality of life.

You can access the 2016 Programme for Government consultation documentation via the link below:

Following consultation on the draft PfG and an associated Equality Impact Assessment, officials have continued to develop the PfG framework to make it as responsive as possible to the needs of people and the things they identified as necessary for societal wellbeing.

A copy of the updated draft framework is available via the link below:

The framework has been used as the basis for the Outcomes Delivery Plan which sets out the actions that departments will take during 2018-19 to give effect to the previous Executive’s stated objectives of Improving wellbeing - by tackling disadvantage and driving economic growth. The Plan and its supporting data can be viewed using the links below:

The actions contained in the Outcomes Delivery Plan have been developed in the context of allocations set out for each department in the budget announced by the Secretary of State on 8 March 2018.  The tables setting out the allocations for each department are available via the link below:

A mid-year report on progress of the Outcomes Delivery Plan can be viewed via the link below:

Contact the PfG Team:

Telephone: 028 9052 0584

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Programme for Government Team
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