Code of Practice on guidance on regulations

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The Code of Practice provides guidance in relation to Northern Ireland legislation likely to have a significant effect on businesses, charity and voluntary organisations and the social economy sector. The Code of Practice guidance is available on the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment website.

Who this code applies to

NI Government Departments and their delivery partner organisations in the wider public sector

Status of the code

The Code is a non-statutory code of practice. It is not legally binding and cannot prevail over statutory or mandatory external requirements (e.g. under European Community Law). Northern Ireland Government departments and their delivery partner organisations, will, however, abide by the Code of Practice unless there are good reasons to depart from it.

This Code of Practice only applies to devolved matters that come under the direct responsibility of the NI Executive and the NI Assembly. All other UK wide matters are covered by a similar Code of Practice for which the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills is responsible.

The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment as lead department in the NICS for better regulation is responsible for this code and is committed to reviewing its effectiveness, along with the wider NICS and stakeholders.

What if a government regulation affects you?

The NICS departments are all committed to better regulation and improving regulatory environment for business throughout Northern Ireland. The Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment has created a web feedback form to provide an additional channel for businesses to provide specific comment on a particular regulation which impacts on them.

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