Public Consultation on the New Strategy for Victims and Survivors

Consultation opened on 06 December 2023. Closing date 29 March 2024.


A New Strategy for Victims and Survivors Survey

In November 2009, the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister launched the current Strategy for Victims and Survivors. The Strategy was designed to address a range of victims and survivors’ issues, be victim-centred and demonstrate Government’s commitment to victims and survivors.

The current Strategy, as originally conceived, had a ten-year timeframe, however in the absence of an Executive or Ministers to progress a new Strategy a number of extensions have been approved with the latest one approved by the Permanent Secretary up to November 2024 to allow time for development and approval of this new Strategy.

A new draft Strategy has been developed by TEO in co-operation with VSS, CVS and a variety of stakeholders including funded groups and individual victims and survivors. This draft Strategy has been developed in the absence of Ministers and would be subject to their decisions on their return.


Consultation description

You can respond to the consultation online through our questionnaire which can be accessed here:

This Strategy sets out the outcomes we aim to achieve for Victims and Survivors of the Troubles/conflict and build on the progress we have made to date to ensure the needs of victims and survivors continue to be met.

The Victims and Survivors Strategy has been developed around 3 strategic pillars: Past, Needs and Future. These pillars, or themes, remain unchanged from the previous strategy. Dealing with the past, meeting the needs of victims and survivors and building for the future, still encompass the key issues for victims and survivors today. It’s our approach to achieving these aims that’s different with this strategy.

The new strategy will ensure the right trauma informed and victim centred services are in place to empower and support victims and survivors and contribute to building a shared and peaceful future. It will also set out the specific issues affecting victims and survivors which require particular focus.

As part of this consultation process, we are seeking your views on the new Strategy.

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