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The overall aim of the Executive Office, previously the Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister (OFMDFM) is to contribute to and oversee the co-ordination of Executive policies and programmes to deliver a peaceful, fair, equal and prosperous society.

Key Executive Office objectives

In pursuing this aim, the key interlinked objectives of the Department are:

  • Driving investment and sustainable development: Through  regeneration of strategic former military sites; promoting effective long-term capital planning and delivery; and, promoting the Executive’s policy interests internationally
  • Tackling Disadvantage and Promoting Equality of Opportunity: By driving a programme across Government to reduce poverty; promoting and protecting the interests of children, older people, people with disabilities, victims and survivors, and other socially excluded groups; addressing inequality and disadvantage; and, drive the delivery of Government responsibilities in a sustainable manner
  • The effective operation of the institutions of government in the delivery of an agreed Programme for Government: By providing a central source of information, co-ordination and advice to departments on Executive, Assembly, and legislative procedures; co-ordinating and reviewing the Programme for Government; driving the more efficient and sustainable use of capital assets across Government; and, ensuring the structure of public administration is efficient, effective and sustainable

Management structure

The First Minister and deputy First Minister supported by the Junior Ministers, have overall political responsibility and accountability for all the Department's activities. They set the strategic policy and resources framework for the department. 

The Head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service is Jayne Brady. Gareth Johnston is the Accounting Officer for the Department.

The Executive Office is managed by the Departmental Board.

The Head of the Civil Service also meets regularly with the Permanent Secretaries Stocktake (PSS)

Organisation chart

Departmental Business Plan

The Executive Office Business Plan 2023/24 can be downloaded below:

Further information about the Department can be found in the Annual reports and Accounts.

The consultation process in the Executive Office

We recognise the importance of proper consultation and in carrying out our equality duties consults in a timely, open and inclusive way and in accordance with the Equality Commissions guiding principles.

We continue to monitor each of our policies to ensure that as each policy is revised it promotes greater equality of opportunity. The Executive Office needs your views through the consultation process. To view current and previous consulatations please access the consultation section of the website via the link below:

Whistleblowing & Fraud

All of us one time or another may have concerns about what is happening at work. However, when it is about unlawful conduct, a possible fraud or a danger to the public or the environment, or other serious malpractice, it can be difficult to know what to do.

The purpose of The Executive Office Whistle-blowing Arrangements is to reassure you that it is safe and acceptable to speak up. They also enable you to raise your concern about such malpractice at an early stage and in the right way. You can view the Executive Office Whistle-blowing Arrangements below:

The National Fraud Initiative

The National Fraud Initiative (NFI) is a highly effective data matching tool which helps to identify potentially fraudulent and erroneous transactions, using sophisticated computer-based data matching techniques.

The Privacy Notice below seeks to inform you about how TEO proposes to use your personal data for the purpose of the National Fraud Initiative (NFI) 2020-21 in Northern Ireland, including why we share it with the Comptroller and Auditor General (C&AG).

Useful links

Here are some useful links, guidance and sources of information on consultation.

The Executive Office Assembly Written Questions Statistics

Please access the link below for details:

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