Refugee and Asylum Support and Integration Division

The Refugee and Asylum Support and Integration Division (RASID) was set up to co-ordinate support and services for refugees and asylum seekers, under the auspice of the draft refugee Integration Strategy, to ensure they are treated fairly, feel safe, can live here as valued members of our community, have every opportunity to realise their full potential and to assist with their resettlement and integration within communities.

The 4 high level outcomes of the draft refugee Integration Strategy which drive our work are:

Outcome 1 Refugees and asylum seekers are valued and respected

Refugees and asylum seekers are respected as members of our communities and their presence, knowledge and contribution to society is recognised and valued.

Outcome 2 – Refugees and asylum seekers are safe and feel secure

Refugees and asylum seekers feel welcome and live here safely without fear of persecution or discrimination resulting from their immigration status.

Outcome 3 – Refugees and asylum seekers exercise their rights and responsibilities

Refugees and asylum seekers are integrated into diverse and inclusive communities and are aware of and able to exercise their rights and responsibilities.

Outcome 4 – Refugees and asylum seekers are supported to achieve their full potential  

Refugees and asylum seekers have access to services and support to achieve their full potential.

The division works across operational and policy spheres to co-ordinate effective support and facilitate integration of refugees and asylum seekers who arrive here. The team works with numerous delivery partners to implement established schemes and visa routes locally to ensure ongoing support and delivery of key services to those who arrive.

The division currently consists of the following workstreams and priorities, all of which relate to the draft Refugee Integration Strategy:

  • Asylum seeker support.
  • Ukrainian visa schemes implementation.
  • Community Sponsorship.
  • British Nation al (Oversees) (BNO) support.
  • Future resettlement/visa schemes.
  • Influencing policy, local impact, and mitigations.
  • Delivery of the Refugee Integration Strategy
  • Transfer of operational work for VPRS and Afghan schemes from DfC to TEO

For more information on or to view the Refugee and Asylum Support key documents including the draft Refugee Integration Strategy, access the links below:


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