CGRF Toolkit for funded groups

This page provides links to useful documents and information for groups funded through the Central Good Relations Fund. This includes information on making a claim and outcomes reporting.

Guide to verification

As a government funder, TEO has certain guidelines and requirements that successful groups must meet in order to receive their awards. This means that all groups funded by TEO must have an assessment completed of its governance and financial controls by the department’s Verification Team.

The Verification Team will conduct two types of verification visits: pre-approval verification, for groups not funded in the previous financial year and a standard verification visit conducted for all groups per financial year.

The guide at the link below, takes you through what to expect when the Verification Team visits you, what you’ll be asked and also explains how the TEO rating system works, how this affects how your claims will be checked and how often you will be visited.

Making a claim

You can receive an advance on your award once you return your signed Letter of Offer to the CGRF team by completing Annex E, but you will still need to think about claiming.

You will receive a claim template from the Verification & Vouching Team by email. This template is based on the costs you have agreed with your project lead. The ‘Overall Summary’ tab is locked down and will automatically populate as you add the details of invoices/receipts to the ‘Receipt Breakdown’ page.

We always recommend claiming regularly. This keeps your claims manageable and easier for us to process.

Here’s some tips on getting your claims ready

  • Make sure invoices are paid before you claim
  • Be original – no photocopies permitted
  • Everything signed off by two signatories
  • Show full details of the item purchased – including description, dates, and amounts
  • Include name, address and telephone of supplier
  • Put your claim together and the ‘Receipt Breakdown’ in date order

The claim checklist below will help you put your claim together. Check through it when you are ready to submit and include it with your claim.

Useful claim templates

Below is a list of claim templates you’ll need to submit your CGRF claims.

You can download the templates listed in the table at the link below.

Type of claim form

What is it used for?

How to submit

Advance claim form

This is in your letter of offer however we have attached a further copy if needed throughout the year.


Must be original hard copy.

Mileage claim form

The ‘from’ and ‘to’ columns should contain sufficient detail. Any original receipts claimed should be attached. The form should be signed by both the claimant and the authoriser before submitting.


Must be original hard copy.

Expenses claim form

Signed and authorised expenses claim forms must be submitted along with all receipts if the purchase has been made by an employee or volunteer who is to be reimbursed by the organisation.


Must be original hard copy.

Volunteer expenses claim form

No more than £10 can be claimed per volunteer per week – all original receipts need to be attached to the form in order to claim.


Must be original hard copy.

Reallocation claim form

All requests need to be submitted with a full and detailed rationale. Reallocation requests are at policy teams’ discretion.

Can be submitted by email.

Submitting a CGRF progress report

Guidance notes on when and how to complete and submit a Progress Report and Final Progress Report Checklist can be accessed using the link below:

You can contact the Central Good Relations Funding Programme to request Interim Progress Report, Final Report and Final Report Checklist Templates. These will be available on this page soon.

Got questions?

Access the link below to get contact information for the CGRF team

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