Latest Coronavirus information campaign comes with emotional appeal

Date published: 05 November 2020

The heart breaking story of a young woman who lost her mother to Coronavirus will feature as part of the Executive’s public information campaign.

First Minister Arlene Foster and deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill met with Rhonda Tait today to thank her for agreeing to share her story on the devastation the virus has brought on her family.

Rhonda’s story will be broadcast on television and across social media channels from Friday to bring home the reality of the threat of Coronavirus.

First Minister Arlene Foster said: “As we launch the next stage of this campaign, I want to thank Rhonda for telling her story. Of course the Coronavirus statistics are shocking, but this reminds us that behind every number there is human suffering.

“Unfortunately, Covid-19 is still with us. It is still infecting people and it is still, tragically, ending lives. This has been a long battle, and I understand people are weary, but the pandemic isn’t over yet. We cannot afford to let our guard down

“Rhonda has been incredibly courageous in sharing her experience. She does so in the hope that more families won’t lose a loved one. That is why we are urging everyone to follow the guidance.”

The deputy First Minister Michelle O’Neill said: “I am so sorry for Rhonda’s heart-breaking loss. The pain she continues to feel as a result of her mother’s death is still very raw and I thank her for the incredible bravery she has shown in telling her personal story to protect others from that same pain.

“Covid-19 has already taken too many people before their time. Tragedy has already touched too many lives. It’s down to us all to follow the regulations and stop the spread of this cruel disease.

“The advice hasn’t changed, nor has the power we have to stop the spread of Coronavirus. Limit your contacts, wash your hands, wear a face covering and keep your distance. Our actions do matter. What you do today could help prevent another family from suffering the loss of a loved one.”

Notes to editors: 

  1. The next phase of the Executive’s Covid-19 public information campaign comprises two elements. In addition to the testimonial advertisement featuring Rhonda Tait, which will run across TV and digital channels, the Executive will also encourage the public to limit their contact with others and follow the public health advice.
  2. The Executive launched a high profile public information campaign in March 2020. Overall, the campaign has been presented over 253 million times, with the average adult seeing/ hearing the advertising 170 times.
  3. Since being launched, there has been 233,694 click through on digital adverts from and 35,452 reactions, comments, likes and shares.
  4. A bespoke youth campaign ran from September 28 to Halloween. Overall, this element of the campaign has delivered 3,407,074 impacts, meaning the average person aged 16-25 will have seen or heard campaign messaging roughly 15.2 times.
  5. The youth campaign has reached 182,122 young people aged 16-25. This equates to around 82% of the 16-25 population.

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