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The Executive Office has announced the appointment of six new Board Members to the Board of the Maze/Long Kesh Developme ... more
20 November 2023
The Executive Office (TEO) and The Department of Health can announce the appointment of Lisa Caldwell.... more
15 November 2023
The Executive Office have published figures for Northern Ireland for 2022/23 across four areas of wellbeing.... more

Our responsibilities

Social Change

The Delivering Social Change framework co-ordinates key actions across government to take forward work on priority social policy areas

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Strategic Investment and Regeneration

Strategic Investment, Regeneration and International Relations Division, Maze/Long Kesh, Regeneration Sites, Strategic Investment Board and High Street Task Force

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Making Government Work

Programme for Government, Budget, improving public services, civil contingencies, public appointments, information management and Reports of decisions taken by Northern Ireland Departments.

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Ending Violence Against Women and Girls

Ending all forms of violence, abuse, and harm against women and girls is one of the most pressing challenges facing our society today.

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British/Irish, Joint Ministerial Committee, North/South, European Policy and Co-ordination

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Promoting Northern Ireland

International relations, NI Bureau in Washington, NI Bureau in China and Office of the Northern Ireland Executive in Brussels.

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Honours and congratulatory messages - how Honours are awarded, how to nominate someone you think deserves an award and how congratulatory messages are issued

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Good Relations and Social Change

Good relations and social change, building a united community.

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Statistics and Research

Analytical Unit supports the Executive and TEO to use data effectively, for making better policies and adapting to change, leading to better lives. Further information about Analytical Unit is available at About TEO Official Statistics.Analytical Unit publication dates for the next 12 months are available in our publication schedule.Contact us for general enquiries, data requests and feedback.

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Our documents

Access to information

How to request information from the Executive Office including Freedom of Information (FOI) and the use of our Publication Scheme.

Management and structure

The Executive Office is managed by a Departmental Board, made up of senior staff who meet with the Head of the Civil Service every month to discuss strategic issues and to plan, priortise and report on progress... more


Contact us

If you have a query related to Coronavirus/COVID-19 please visit:

SD03 Stormont Castle
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Telephone: 028 9037 8151

Alternatively contact us using our feedback form.

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