Measuring young people’s perspectives on sharing and integration in Northern Ireland

Date published: 30 October 2013

  • Author: Professor Roger Ellis OBE, Identity Exploration Ltd Belfast
  • Publication Date: November 2013


This report presents the findings of an OFMDFM funded research project carried out among young people in Northern Ireland. The primary aim of the project was to develop and test an innovative, software-based research instrument with the longer term objective of applying this instrument to a larger sample of young people throughout Northern Ireland.

In developing and piloting this research instrument with a reasonable sample of young people, it was expected that useful insights would emerge into the views of young people, the significance and strength of feeling associated with their views and the implications of those views for their take on the other community and their life in Northern Ireland today. This has very much been the case and the focus of this report is on those insights rather than on the technical process of developing and testing the underlying research instrument.

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