The Office of the First Minister and Deputy First Minister is committed to ensuring your views are considered.

The consultation process in OFMDFM

You can give your views and opinions on the latest OFMDFM consultations.

We recognise the importance of proper consultation and in carrying out our equality duties consults in a timely, open and inclusive way and in accordance with the Equality Commissions guiding principles.

We continue to monitor each of our policies to ensure that as each policy is revised it promotes greater equality of opportunity. OFMDFM need your views through the consultation process.

Useful links

Here are some useful links, guidance and sources of information on consultation.

Civic participation

The Civic Forum, which acted as a consultative mechanism on social, economic and cultural issues and functioned from 2000 to 2002, has not been reconvened. The Forum comprised 60 members plus a chairman. The members were drawn from 10 sectors of civic society, namely Voluntary & Community, Business, Trade Union, Churches, Arts & Sports, Culture, Agriculture & Fisheries, Community Relations, Education and Victims.

A review of the Forum and of arrangements for engaging with civic society was commissioned in 2007 by the First Minister and deputy First Minister. Responses received during the first phase of the review did not suggest a widespread desire for a return to a structure of the size and expense of the Forum as it had previously operated.

The Stormont House Agreement envisaged that a new engagement model could be achieved through the establishment of a compact civic advisory panel which would meet regularly to consider key social, cultural and economic matters and to advise the Executive.

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