Civil Contingencies Policy Branch (CCPB) of the Executive Office works across the public sector to promote and encourage the development of effective emergency preparedness to mitigate the effects of a civil emergency on the public and the environment. In addition to its preparedness agenda CCPB facilitates the effective delivery of the central strategic crisis management arrangements within government to deal with the most serious types of emergencies.


These functions are informed by, and promoted through, close and ongoing liaison with key contacts in NI Civil Service departments, the emergency services, local government and other stakeholders within the UK and Ireland.  

CCPB supports the effective functioning of the Civil Contingencies Group (Northern Ireland) (CCG (NI)), the principal strategic civil contingencies preparedness body for the public sector chaired by the Head of the NI Civil Service in an emergency response and by The Executive Office as part of wider preparedness. CCG (NI) comprises senior level membership from all NICS Departments and key civil contingencies stakeholders. CCPB also delivers this role when CCG (NI) is in emergency response mode.

As part of its role to promote and encourage good civil contingencies practice, CCPB has produced an overarching framework of civil contingencies policy, guidance and advice - see below:


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