Statistics & Research

Statistics and Research

Analytical Unit supports the Executive and TEO to use data effectively, for making better policies and adapting to change, leading to better lives.


Our statistical practice is regulated by the Office for Statistics Regulation (OSR). Further information about Analytical Unit is available at About TEO Official Statistics.

Publication dates for the next 12 months are available in our publication schedule.

Contact us for general enquiries, data requests and feedback. 


Individual Wellbeing in Northern Ireland

The Individual Wellbeing in Northern Ireland report provides estimates across four areas which reflect wellbeing, and was produced for the first time in 2020/21.

Nation Brands Index

The Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index is used to assess and monitor Northern Ireland’s international reputation.

Ending Violence Against Women and Girls (EVAWG)


The Ending Violence Against Women and Girls report provides results from the Young Life and Times Survey and the Northern Ireland Life and Times Survey.



Good Relations


An annual publication monitoring progress against the Together: Building a United Community Strategy.


Respect Index


The respect index measures perception of discrimination experienced by individuals in their daily lives.


Racial Equality

The Racial Equality Indicator Report monitors the progress of the Racial Equality Strategy (2015 - 2025).



Public Appointments

The Public Bodies annual report provides details of public appointments to public bodies in Northern Ireland and the Public Appointments annual report provides statistics relating to public appointments in Northern Ireland.


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Refugees and Asylum Seekers

The Northern Ireland Life and Times and Young Life and Times surveys are used to examine public attitudes to refugees and asylum seekers in Northern Ireland.








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