Nation Brands Index 2023: Supplementary Questions

Date published: 06 June 2024

This report provides Northern Ireland’s results for the supplementary, “common interest” questions included in the 2023 Nation Brands Index survey.

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Main Points

  • Northern Ireland was ranked in the top half of nations in eight out of the 11 common interest statements.
  • Northern Ireland’s highest ranking common interest statement was ‘Protecting Wildlife’ (20th out of 60 nations), followed by ‘Clean Energy’, ‘Nutrition Equity’ and ‘Responsible Industries’ (all 21st).
  • Despite being Northern Ireland’s lowest ranked common interest statement, ‘Unique destination’ was the highest scoring (4.88 out of 7) out of the 11 statements.
  • The lowest scoring common interest statement was ‘Economic Leader’ (4.13).
  • The personality traits most commonly associated with Northern Ireland were ‘Friendly’ (25.2% of participants) followed by ‘Attractive’ (22.4%), ‘Happy’ (18.7%) and ‘Trustworthy’ (17.9%).
  • The six words least commonly associated with Northern Ireland were all negative descriptors, with ‘Greedy’ (4.4%) being the least common response.

About the Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index 2023

The NBI is an annual global survey which evaluates the international image and reputation of 60 nations across six dimensions of national competence: Exports; Governance; Culture; People; Tourism; and Immigration & Investment.

The NBI 2023 report for Northern Ireland was published on 13 December 2023. In 2023, the NBI included additional “common interest” questions on a range of topics as well as a Nation Personality question. These additional questions were not used to calculate the NBI scores or ranks for 2023 so were not included in the December report.

The report, associated data tables, and interactive data dashboard are available on the Statistics and Research section of the Executive Office website:

Further information relating to the collection and production of the statistics can be obtained by contacting:

Analytical Unit
The Executive Office
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Telephone: 028 9052 0021

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