Our Young People: Perceptions of the Outcomes Framework

Date published: 04 September 2020

The Executive Office today published the 'Our Young People: Perceptions of the Outcomes Framework 2019' statistical bulletins.

Statistical news release - OFMDFM

Following the 2016 report ‘Our Population: What Matters Most?’, which aimed to explore the day-to-day issues that were most important to the people of Northern Ireland, a draft framework of 12 Outcomes was developed using the responses from this survey.

‘Our Population: Perceptions of the Outcomes Framework’ and these latest bulletins on ‘Our Young People’ seek to gather information on public perceptions around Northern Ireland’s current position in relation to each of the Outcomes in this draft framework. This information is complementary to the formal tracking of NI population indicators to help assess NI’s progress towards the Outcomes.

Key findings:

  • Over 2 in 3 (67%) young people agreed with Outcome 11 (Our communication and travel networks help people to connect with each other), which was the highest across all 12 Outcomes. A similar proportion (66%) agreed with Outcome 5 (We have opportunities for people to be innovative, creative and fulfil their potential) which was the second highest.
  • More than twice as many young people disagreed with Outcome 2 than agreed (50% disagreed, compared with 22% who agreed). This was one of three Outcomes where more respondents disagreed more than agreed – the other two being Outcomes 3 (We have an equal society) and 7 (We have a safe community where we respect the law, and each other), although the differences here were much smaller (2 percentage points for each).
  • Outcome 1 (We have a strong economy) had the highest proportion of neutral responses at 44%.
  • Almost 3 in 4 respondents in Year 8 (74%) agreed with Outcome 5 (We have opportunities for people to be innovative, creative and fulfil their potential), making this the highest agreement rate across all population characteristics.
  • At 15%, respondents with very bad/bad health had lowest agreement rate across the population characteristics – this was found in Outcome 2 (We look after our environment).

The bulletins and associated data tables are available on the Statistics and Research section of The Executive Office website: www.executiveoffice-ni.gov.uk/articles/our-young-people-perceptions-outcomes-framework

Notes to editors: 

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  3. Further information relating to the collection and production of the statistics can be obtained by contacting:

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