Growing Up On an Interface - Findings and Implications for the Social Needs, Mental Health and Lifetime Opportunities of Belfast Youth

Date published: 25 March 2016

  • Authors: E. Mark Cummings, Peter Shirlow, Brendan Browne, Clare Dwyer, Christine E. Merrilees, Laura K. Taylor
  • Publication date: 25 March 2016


In this research we aimed to find out what types of risk (if any) affected young people and children growing up in places of high religious segregation or what we normally call interface communities. This is important as we know that risk and experiences of harm and violence can have negative impacts upon development, emotional well-being and future prospects. It is important to understand what types of risk affect young people and children so as we can respond to these in terms of aiding better personal and community development with regard to health, work, education and wider opportunities.

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