The Oak Partnership - Clarawood Project

SIF provided funding of over £236K for the renovation of the current premises in Clarawood Estate and the adjacent business unit offering a flexible site for a wide range of community services including social and welfare support, youth services, supplementary education programmes and health related programmes.

Project Name:

The Oak Partnership – Clarawood


Belfast East



Social Investment Fund Outcome:

Increasing Community Services


Operational – Construction Complete

Funding awarded:


Oak Partnership - Clarawood - Before
Oak Partnership - Clarawood - Before

Oak Partnership - Clarawood - After
Oak Partnership - Clarawood - After

About the Project

The project involved the renovation and expansion of the Oak Centre and the adjacent business unit, in the Clarawood Estate to provide a modern fit for purpose facility that includes dedicated office space and interview/meeting rooms, comples with health and safety requirements and is fully accessible for disabled users.  This will allow the Centre to offer a wider range of services including social and welfare support, youth services, supplementary educational programmes, mental and other health related programmes to young people and senior citizens within the local community. 

Progress to date

This project has completed construction and is operational. The project has brought a newly renovated community centre, with much needed office space, which can now house additional community outreach services catering to the needs of all in the locale. This will enable the Oak Centre to remain a vibrant and integral part of the local community.


Monitoring and evaluation of all Social Investment Fund projects is carried out using “Outcomes Based Accountability” (OBA). Where SIF has funded capital works, the project provides quarterly “post-capital” data for a period of 3 years which details the positive impacts enabled by the capital works undertaken. The final capital infographic below highlights some of the key impacts of the project to date. The Oak Partnership - Clarawood project is in the early stages of post capital OBA returns and OBA final post capital infographic is below.

Final Capital infographic
Final Capital infographic


Final post construction infographic
Final post construction infographic

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