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The Social Investment Fund (SIF) was set up to deliver social change. It aims to make life better for people living in targeted areas by reducing poverty, unemployment and physical deterioration.

The SIF programme has now completed.  Across the 9 investment zones in Northern Ireland a total of £86.7 million was allocated to 65 projects; 46 capital projects delivering improvements to 106 premises and 19 revenue projects focused on employment, health and educational outcomes. All 46 capital projects (106 premises) with investment of £46.2 million have completed construction and are operational and all 19 revenue projects have now completed delivery with investment of £40.5 million. Local people in disadvantaged communities are now directly benefiting from the opportunities being provided from the Fund.

These include opportunities around key issues such as increasing employment potential through gaining valuable experience and training; opportunities to avail of early intervention services to support children and families to maximise their future potential and dedicated educational support to increase future prospects.  

This is in addition to benefiting from significant investment to regenerate areas and tackle dereliction to make neighbourhoods more appealing and to increase the level of community services being delivered.

To date over 58,000 people have benefitted from SIF revenue projects, over 6,000 people engaged in employment/training projects; over 29,000 engaged in early intervention projects and over 22,000 engaged in projects focused on education. In addition, over 377,000 people have availed of the services on offer in operational capital builds.

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