The collection of good relations outcomes from T:BUC projects are a key part of the delivery. They provide evidence of the difference projects are making and measures the contribution to the achievement of the shared aims of the T:BUC Strategy.

How do we measure Outcomes

Good Relations Outcomes data is collected by participants completing questionnaires. The type of questionnaire depends on what they are doing. 

There are two types of questionnaire:

  • One-off events, and
  • Pre- and post-

The one-off event questionnaire is used where participants take part in a one-off single event or activity.

The pre-and post-questionnaire is used where participants takes part in something that runs over a period of time. By comparing responses before and after participation we can measure any changes in knowledge, attitude and behaviours.

Guidance for completing the questionnaires is provided.

Central Good Relations Funding Programme (CGRF)




District Councils Good Relations Programme




Community Relations Council




Shared Housing Programme

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