North Belfast Strategic Good Relations Programme

The North Belfast Strategic Good Relations Programme (NBSGRP), is delivered as part of the Executive’s ‘Together: Building a United Community (TBUC)’ Strategy. Its aim is to support organisations delivering good relations programmes in North Belfast.

Outcomes Based Approach

The NBSGRP has a strong outcomes based approach. This means the department focusses on the impact the programme makes on the community, rather than the amount of activity, for example the number of events held.

Programme reports and videos have been produced to tell you about the outcomes delivered in 2017/18 and 2016/17.

You can download the 2017/18 programme report at the link below:

You can download the 2016/17 programme report at the link below:

Delivered in partnership

The NBSGRP is jointly managed by the Executive Office in partnership with the Community Relations Council (CRC).

The Executive Office manages the strategic direction of the funding, with CRC taking responsibility for the administrative aspects of the programme.

The NBSGRP consists of 11 contract holders, delivering a wide range of good relations provision in North Belfast, through a large number of partner organisations and providers.

More information on the programme is available on the CRC website via the link below.

Funding awarded in 2018/19

A list of the funding awarded to contract holders for 2018/19 can be found on the CRC website via the link below:

Building a united community

Each programme must be linked to at least one of the key themes of the TBUC Strategy. These are:

  • Our Children and Young People
  • Our Shared Community
  • Our Safe Community  
  • Our Cultural Expression

Find out more about the overall TBUC Strategy at the link below:

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