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The 'Together: Building a United Community' (T:BUC) Strategy, published on 23 May 2013, reflects the Executive’s commitment to improving community relations and continuing the journey towards a more united and shared society.

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You can download the 'Together: Building a United Community' Strategy via the link below:

The Section 75 equality screening form of the 'Together: Building a United Community' Strategy is available at the link below.

Key priorities

The strategy outlines how government, community and individuals will work together to build a united community and achieve change against the following key priorities:

  • our children and young people
  • our shared community
  • our safe community
  • our cultural expression
  • Each of the four key priorities also has a set of tangible and practical commitments.

T:BUC Update Reports

These reports outline the positive progress across the headline actions and across the four key priorities on an annual basis and provide an overview of some of the work taken forward under the strategy.


These articles provide examples of how government, the community & voluntary sector and individuals are working together to achieve the goals set out in the T:BUC strategy. For more information, access the links below:

T:BUC Programmes

Find out more about T:BUC funding programmes managed by the Executive Office and other government departments via the links below:

T:BUC Funding Forums

T:BUC Funding Forums, hosted by the Good Relations & T:BUC Division, give attendees the opportunity to find out about the Executive Office funding available for good relations programmes at events in local council areas. Details of future T:BUC Funding Forums will be released ahead of the opening of 2020/21 competitions for T:BUC Camps and Central Good Relations funding programmes.

Review of Good Relations Funding delivery

Future funding arrangements must be both strategic and flexible to respond to the differing levels of capacity amongst organisations working to build a united community.

Through the implementation of the Together: Building a United Community Strategy, we will ensure that funding is directed in a way that secures sustainability of the infrastructure that has been established at a local level and that continues to develop the capacity of individuals and organisations working to build good relations across our society.  

Throughout the review of good relations funding delivery process a number of events have been held and an evaluation of the events was carried out.You can view the evaluation report at the link below.

Contested Space/Interface Programme

Following the successful 2011 – 2015 Contested Space/Interface Programme, TEO has continued to drive the implementation of the T:BUC Strategy. Our current actions include scoping out options for developing shared space within a rural context and we continue to support and contribute to DoJ’s objective on interface removal through Good Relations work and active participation in meetings with various interface groups.

Community Relations Council

The Community Relations Council (CRC) is an Arms Length Body (ALB) of The Executive Office.

CRC is a key delivery agent for departmental good relations policy, including the implementation of the aims and objectives of the T:BUC strategy.

One programme managed by CRC is the North Belfast Strategic Good Relations Programme, which focuses on improving relations between and within communities in North Belfast.

For more information on CRC, visit the Community Relations Council website.

Impact Assessments

Good Relations & T:BUC Privacy Notices

The Privacy Notices below outline how the Good Relations & Together Building a United Community (T:BUC) division handles personal information.

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