The Peace IV Programme involves €270m of funding; €229m is provided through the European Regional Development Fund and €41m is provided by the Irish Government and NI Executive.

PEACE IV Programme Overview


What is the aim of the Programme?

The PEACE IV Programme is designed to support peace and reconciliation. Initially created in 1995 as a direct result of the EU's desire to make a positive response to the paramilitary ceasefires of 1994. Whilst significant progress has been made since then, there remains a need to improve cross-community relations and where possible further integrate divided communities.

How is the Programme delivered?

SEUPB are the managing authority of the Peace IV Programme. The eligible area of the programme is Northern Ireland and the Border Counties of Ireland. 

The Executive Office contributes a total of £12.7m to the Peace IV Programme.

  • Children & Young People £1.7M
  • Shared Spaces & Services £4.6M
  • Building Positive Relations £6.4M

Share2BAware Sexual Harassment Education Video NI - Co-operation Ireland.


What difference has the Programme made?

17 Local Authority Plans and 20 Regional Projects have been approved and are currently

being delivered by community groups and  Councils. A further regional project, “Building

Community Cohesion Through Social Innovation” has been released.

Further information

If you want to know more about PEACE IV, including videos and reports showcasing the activity and outcomes from the Programme, check out the website here.

A citizen’s summary of the Peace IV Programme document is available here.

A list of Peace IV funded projects please visit the SEUPB website - PEACE IV Programme Overview | SEUPB.

Contact details

If you have any questions, please contact: INFO@SEUPB.EU

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