T:BUC Camps Good Relations Ambassadors Programme

The T:BUC Camps Good Relation Ambassadors Programme provides an opportunity for young people to become Ambassadors for good relations and the T:BUC Camps Programme.

The programme is open to all young people aged 16+ who have previously been a participant in a T:BUC Camp. 

T:BUC Camps and Uniting Communities Ambassadors

What is the aim of the programme?

The Ambassadors Programme aims to provide opportunities for participants to further develop their leadership skills and gain an OCN level 2 qualification in Uniting Communities Through Leadership. It also aims to provide peer learning opportunities. The Ambassadors also have opportunities to share learning and collaborate with young people from DfC’s Uniting Communities Ambassadors Programme and to take part in a variety of events and activities.

What difference has it made?

24 young people completed the Ambassadors Programme in 2020/21 and 33 young people completed it in 2021/22. 25 young people are participating in the 22/23 Ambassadors Programme with a further 12 young people from the 2021/22 Programme staying on as Peer Mentors.

Participants of the Ambassadors programme in 2020/21 said the following about their experience:

“In the past year I can honestly say I have learnt so much about myself and the role I can play in being an advocate for Good Relations work in Northern Ireland” “I would encourage anyone who hears about the Ambassadors programme and who has an interest in challenging themselves to go for it. I have made so many new friends from all over the country”
“The expectation placed on you throughout the programme is high. You need to be committed to become an Ambassador but the reward, the opportunities, the things you learn and get to do are so worth it” “I realise now coming to the end of my time as an Ambassador the role young people have to play in ensuring Northern Ireland is peaceful and accepting towards others”
“Before the Ambassadors programme I was quite anxious about what I wanted to do in life but I’ve learnt quite a bit about myself through this process and it has affirmed so many things for me and given me a pathway to pursue.”

T:BUC Camps Ambassadors trip to the Balkans 


T:BUC Camps Ambassadors Balkans Trip


Further information & Contact details

Further information available here or email: tbuc@eani.org.uk

Twitter - @tbuccamps 

Facebook - fb.me/tbuccamps


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