The T:BUC Trees initiative started out as a social action opportunity delivered in partnership by The Executive Office, Woodland Trust NI and the Education Authority.

It provided an opportunity to T:BUC Camp participants and Ambassadors to take part in tree planting in the Belfast Hills and at Stormont. The initiative has now extended into the District Council Good Relations Programme (DCGRP) with all Councils delivering an environmental event.

What is the aim of the Programme?

The programme is designed to provide a range of opportunities for people to combine good relations activities and environmental initiatives, with a wider focus on learning about and caring for the environment.

T:BUC Trees Project


What difference has the Programme made?

800 trees were planted by over 100 young people, from the T:BUC Camps and Ambassadors Programmes, in the Belfast Hills near Cave Hill in 2021 and in the Stormont Estate in 2022. A marine litter audit and beach clean-up was carried out by T:BUC Good Relations Ambassadors in November 2022 at Brown’s Bay in partnership with Keep Northern Ireland Beautiful.

Good Relations Week - Beach Clean


T:BUC Young Ambassadors Programme - Beach Clean Video

The programme offers people an opportunity to get involved in activities which have a positive impact on the environment, learn about environmental issues and contribute to addressing them.

T:BUC Trees Outcomes

Participants in the T:BUC Camps Programme along with the T:BUC Camps Good Relations Ambassadors had the opportunity to take part in a T:BUC Trees initiative in 2021/22,the following infographic provides further information on that initiative.

T:BUC Trees, an exciting environmental initiative, provides opportunities for people to learn more about the environment while participating in good relations activities.


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